Salted Pig Revisited

Scotch Flight at the Salted PigJen and I went to The Salted Pig back in February for their grand opening event and for our Valentines Day dinner.  The Salted Pig was the first food review I wrote for this blog and I had mixed feelings about the place.  They’ve since revamped the menu and have been very responsive and active socially on their Facebook Page which kept reminding me that I needed to get back their to try more food and maybe some drinks.

I’m not so big on beer but lately I’ve been sampling different tastes here and there with my friend Jasmeer.  I’ve got a long way to go before I really like any type of beer but so far I like the lighter beers a little and The Salted Pig has a wide variety of beers to select from.  Back in February Breean, who is a bartender there suggested via Facebook I try a scotch drink called the Flaming Heart which I found out tonight is a type of scotch not a mixed drink with scotch.  That same day on Facebook I was also told that they could do a scotch flight… I was sold on the idea and tonight I got to give it a try!

Bunnahabhain 12 Year Scotch - This was one of the four on our scotch flight and one of my favorites between the four.  It has a very strong taste going in, down and afterwards that really came with a punch even after I’ve already had a beer and my Flaming Heart.

Oak Cross Scotch – This was the mildest between the four and really didn’t have much of a kick or taste going in but there was taste as I swallowed it.  This is probably a good scotch for experimenting scotch drinkers.

Spice Tree Scotch - This was a sweet scotch which really surprised me.  It tasted fine but I’m not sure I care much for a sweet scotch.

Hedonism Scotch - The owner of The Salted Pig, Reynaldo suggested this scotch be the last one we try and he was right because it was probably the strongest of the four on the flight but finished off the samples perfectly.

The Flaming Heart – This is a brand of scotch that closely reminds me of a high caliber brand of my preferred scotch which is Bowmore.  This was one of the more expensive scotches to buy as a bottle but very tempting and well worth it in terms of quality and taste.

The Pig Burger at the Salted Pig


So on top of the different scotches and the beer we had, we also ordered a side of popcorn shrimp and the Pig Burger which is a bacon and beef patty with a sunny side up fried egg and covered in a garlic mayo.  The bucket of fries and homemade ketchup were amazing, I didn’t want to stop eating them to be honest about it…

We each finished off our meals with homemade icecream.  Jasmeer got the vanilla bean ice cream while I got the candied bacon carmel vanilla bean ice cream.  All I can say… I’m never going to Baskin Robbins, Cold Stone or any other place for ice cream again; for three dollars for a scoop of homemade ice cream I can never go wrong!


Carlos was our bartender and was very helpful on both the beer and scotch.  We also got to meet the owner Reynaldo who we found out later was the owner.  Reynaldo was the one to select the four scotches for our scotch flight and didn’t mind when we asked him to keep the bottles in front of us for awhile so we can look at the different details as we sampled the scotch.

Over all we had a really good time, enjoyed the people, drinks and food.  I’m not just saying this because our bill was 80% drinks and 20% food… I feel perfectly fine and can see straight I promise!

Happy Hour is from 3pm – 6pm Monday through Friday with $5 snacks, drafts and more.  Come on out and give The Salted Pig a try but be sure to come hungry and come with plans to call a taxi if you are going to try a scotch flight or two!

Here are some of the photos from our visit today to The Salted Pig…

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